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School Fees - Camilla Brook Place
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School Fees


Our school bus operates in two main service categories;

  • School Pickup/Drop-off
  • After-School Pickup

Registration Fee:
Registration fee is a one off non-refundable payment. This is applicable to new children and is due after the parent and child(ren) have been interviewed.


Tuition fee once paid is non-refundable. Fees are invoiced Termly.

Payment Of Fees:
Fees must be paid on or before the 1st day of Term

Fees must be paid by bank transfer, bank draft or direct payment to Camilla Brook Place.

An extension of the payment period of no more than 2 weeks on request by a parent may be granted by the school. If fees are not paid by the required date, the school reserves the right to request for the withdrawal of a student.

Waiting List;
In the event that an existing preschooler neither makes payment nor requests for an extension, the school reserves to give up the preschooler’s admission spot to another preschooler in our waiting list.

Optional Fees;
These are Lunch, School bus service, After-School and Extra-curricular fees.